Technical IT Challenges For SMB During COVID-19 and Free Tools To Handle Them

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As a CEO of a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you may have many questions about the appropriate actions to take these days. In Fact, you have a mission to both help the business to stay open and keep people in employment. But what we do not know is how long the crisis will last. So the thing is, we should prepare our company to respond to COVID-19 and if our strategies are not sufficient in this pandemic, we need to look for new strategies. In this article, we like to shed light on some effective solutions that you can apply in your business. 

  • How remote working can save our business?
  • What trendy and free tools are suitable to use in remote working?
  • What are the best choices for task and project management during remote working?
  • How can we be safe from cybersecurity threats?

Remote working is the type of activity you are taking to action to do your jobs out of the office. In this unwanted condition, the main place to take control of your job is nowhere, except your home. Many successful businesses were doing this trendy strategy in advance of the outbreak. They believed doing this kind of activity twice a week can omit the frustration of employees and increase the level of their productivity. But fortunately or unfortunately remote working is the best option during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s undeniable that many SMBs like the travel, accommodation and food services sectors are being hit particularly hard these days, But opportunities always exist. Thanks to the remote working and the trendy tools we can relieve this unpleasant condition and go back to work again. But how is it possible? 

Remote Work Covid-19

9 Best Tools For Remote Team Management

There are hundreds of tools available to make home-working easy, but Let’s look at the trendy remote working practices that saved many businesses in this economic tragedy. These tools are potential infrastructures to work from home, and as small business owners, these are available choices for you to manage remote workers and increase the professionalism and productivity of the SMBs.

Task and project management tool Pandemic Remote Working Task Management

#1 Trello

Things had changed, and now It’s your turn. Most of the SMBs are service-based and they are offering digital services for potential customers, now It’s time to organize all the projects. Accordingly, you need some powerful task and project management tool to get things done in an accurate and organized way. Trello is one of the Best Project management Tools that can help you. 

There are many online project management software out there. But Trello is trusted by hundreds of remote teams and It’s all-in-one remote task management software. Teammates and Clients can interact with each other.

We also recommend you have a look at Asana, which is the other most popular task and project management tool

File and document sharing and collaboration

#2 Google Drive

All of us have used Emails to share files. But when the size and quantity of the files are huge, the result is disappointing. But there are Storage services that always are available without any geographical limitations. These days, Best Cloud Storage Service is Google Drive. No one can deny that. Google is using CDN technology, So the data stored in google drive will be downloaded in no time. Also, you can easily share the data with your teammates and clients. 

This web application can sync across other devices like smartphones and tablets. The other choice is Dropbox.

Team Communication and Video Meetings

#3 Zoom

When we have smartphones and other devices like cameras, why don’t we use the technology to have effective visual discussions, teammates will enjoy being in a virtual room that reminds them about the communication they had before in the office. Sometimes visual discussion takes all the stress out of remote working. 

Zoom Is not the only video Calls and Screen Sharing Tool, But It’s one of the Best Video Calls and Screen Sharing Tools in the pandemic of COVID-19. 

Thanks to the zoom, we can have High-quality video conferences. It has affordable prices and if one of your teammates were absent you can record any call with a full-length video. webinars, meetings, Zoom room, business IM, and voice sharing are the other features of the Zoom. The other choice would be Skype.

#4 Slack

Instant messaging these days plays a crucial role in remote working. Most of the people have a common attitude to collaborate and talk about the projects and other decisions that were being made.

Slack is the Best Team Collaboration Tool that can be used for chatting in groups with your teammates. Having private chats is also available for stack users to share their files and secret information. One of the interesting features of Slack is the compatibility of this application with most of the popular remote working tools

Managing Employees and Time Tracking

#5 Todoist

We clearly understand that you are worried about the employees and the projects to get done at the predicted time. By considering that, this is a remote working condition and you can not check your workers from time to time like you were doing in the office, you may be against remote working. But you need to have some changes in your management strategies, As a business owner Set Clear Expectations, and don’t worry whether Mr. X works or not.

If you set clear and ideal deadlines, your team will manage their time to reach deadlines. One of the popular and Best Productivity Tools is Todoist. The process is so simple, You can easily introduce tasks and sub tasks. All the projects will go as you wish, also you can set reminders that can inform the remote workers to do their job according to new rules. 

#6 Time Doctor

Last but not least, Time Doctor is the Best Accountability and Reporting Tool available in the digital world. So by using this app as a business owner, you can check what is being done daily. Everyone can add their report and inform others about his/her performance in daily work hours. As the owner of the business, you can keep track of the employees. Time Doctor will show you how many hours spent on a special project, task, and application. 

#7 Teamwork

These days the value of education in schools and universities is considered more than ever. As you saw the quality of education decreased because a minority of the students can not manage their time and participate in online classes. This is the same in the job world, most of the people who are working at home may lose their concentration and time management. 

Beside many Time Management Tools published these years, Teamwork is one of the Best Time Management Tools that is being used by many small and medium-sized businesses. 

This software helps you to get comprehensive reports about time log entries, expenses, and finally, it helps you Track every hour to boost your team’s productivity. In these categories, we can name the Hubstaff and Time Doctor as the other alternatives for time management. 

#8 World Time Buddy

When COVID-19 started to grow. The outbreak made opportunities for some sectors, especially the health and digital sectors. Consequently, demands for services and products increased dramatically. 

Most of the companies tend to Choose the Right People to work with, and this is crucial for the quality of the service they are offering. As a CEO you may wish to work with professional experts from the other side of the world. You need to have a clear understanding of time zones, so the web application we are going to introduce is World Time Buddy. It is the Best Time Converter Tool application, that 100 percent will help you to schedule the best times for online meetings and whatever you wish to do with the presence of your teammate. The second similar application would be

Remote Technical Support Software

Customers Remote Support

It’s a long time that people are using remote applications to have access to the computer of someone else. These applications have many advantages, but in this circumstance that we can not meet our customers and coworkers it’s a good idea to use tools for Customers Remote Support applications. and we are going to introduce the two of them that can be used by the people who know a little about computers. 

#9 Any desk 

Any desk introduced in 2015, It’s one of the famous Customers Remote Support applications. Firstly it’s a super easy application. The process of connection is so simple. you just write the address [It is a 9 digit number] of the computer you want to connect. You click on the green button of the connect, the target account accepts and gives you the access permission. The other alternative application is Teamviewer.

IT Security and Data Backup

The main challenge that puts remote working at risk is the potential security issues. Maybe that’s why you are not already joined to the list of the SMBs that reactivated their business by remote working. The followings are several tips that provide IT Security for your systems. 

  • Make some educational content to teach employees the basic security knowledge
  • Provide VPN access to your team
  • Make sure up-to-date security protection is installed and active on any devices that will be used for work
  • Encourage your teams to upgrade their software to the latest version supported under the company’s security policy
  • prevent to save confidential information locally, then encourage the use of (secure, approved) cloud services
  • It will be useful to ensure that online backup services are used, if available
  • Avoid the use of USB sticks

Technology and Health Issues

Due to staying at home campaigns and remote working, something important had changed in our lives. Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and, rather than racing to get out the door and into morning traffic, you have time to make a healthy breakfast for yourself and enjoy working from home. But you should consider some dos and don’ts:

  • Our physical activities have reduced, so we should schedule some free time for daily exercise at home. 
  • When you are working remotely, it doesn’t mean that you must be on call 24/7, take some time to make your favorite foods, play with pets and read a book, it means that  your mental health is so important.

Digital Health in Remote Working

What all of this means for you

One important thing that SMBs need to consider during the pandemic is people taking advantage of remote working to reactivate their business. So why do you stop your company’s progress? 

Cybersecurity threats always would risk your business. But most of the applications we introduced today have different layers of protection. So keep calm and use them, keep in mind that your small or medium-sized business needs a new start. Reactivating business during these days is more important than waiting for a potential cyber attack. But if your business is secret and you need high protection, we recommend you to order a customized online task management software. If you work with a professional developer team you may be aware of IT security risks. 

Remember that your employee’s physical and mental health is more important than everything and please choose just some of the tools that we introduced. Also, try to find new ideas to guarantee the Digital Wellbeing of your team. 

Your turn!

If you have found effective methods to use in remote working and any ideas that would help small businesses, Contact Us. We will be happy to read your comments.