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Managed Services

While Google answers to some of your basic IT questions, there are many situations that needs an expert but because hiring full-time IT staff is costly, the best solution is to outsource the IT needs for a reasonable monthly fee that is far less than the cost of hiring a full-time employees.


Professional Services

Your digital business transformation shouldn’t be complicated. Rely on our expertise and years of experience to meet your IT needs. From finding a perfect software or solution and manage its deployment to identifying and purchasing your hardware needs, we can be your IT guy.


Consulting & Training

It’s all about making decisions to save time and money. You need a fresh set of wise eyes to help you to transform your business.
We also believe in training business owners and their employees. Our IT training program can play a key role in your business to make the most out of the tools.


Technical Managed Services in GTA

Sysvy Inc. provides a range of managed IT services designed from installation, implementation of software and hardware to remote and on-site support. Sysvy offers simplified reliable IT management and maintenance services. Our fully Canadian team will ensure a stable and secure IT services in Toronto and York region.

Managed IT Services

Software Support & Maintenance

Software are like the engine oil that ensure your business machine running smoothly. They need to be refreshed, updated and debugged to increase the performance. On the other hand, managing multiple licenses can be a headache. Should your licenses be per user, per install, client or even no license fees at all?

System Maintenance

Computer systems play a vital role in our business. What if the continuity of daily operations and our customer service, interrupts because of not caring about our hardware, computers, laptops, printers, LAN and data. We provide preventive maintenance to extend their lifespan as well as speeding them up by optimizing.

End-User Support

Whenever there is an IT technical issue, even not knowing how this piece of software or hardware works, could be a huge pain on a daily basis. Who should I call now to get it fixed quickly. We want you only focus on your projects that meet your business goals, we take care of the IT pains via phone, ticket,chat remotely and even on-site.

Infrastructure Support

Setting up your business IT infrastructure isn’t a one-time deal; supporting and monitoring them is never ending. No matter how many computers, servers, routers, printers and cloud services you have; you need them working smoothly with highest performance to keep your business operational and we are here to help.

Backup & Recovery

You business data is one of your most valuable assets. Securing and retrieving business data is a baseline task. It’s not optional. We know the concerns and headaches like Data protection gaps, Legacy systems and data, Long term retention, Redundancy, Storage costs, Maintaining Physical storage devices and Backup health check.


Security is vital. Cyber attacks have become a common issue. Basic software alone cannot prevent hackers and cybercriminals from exploiting your weak points and accessing your data. Our first approach is to educate our customers then using tools and solutions. We also provide a FREE IT assessment and health check.

Professional Services

Software Solutions Providing

You want to use the best software or solution for your business but how to find the perfect one that matches your needs. Have you ever looked in google starting with what is the best software for…, and getting extremely confused? Leave the due diligence with us. We interview with you, analyze your needs, do research, consider your budget and propose the right one.

Software Deployment

How do you manage a new software staging and deployment when you have multiple systems? How do you make sure that transition from multiple legacy systems is not leading to catastrophic impact? We assess the current state of legacy systems, choose the technology stack, provide training then prioritizing the execution of deployment for each system individually.

Microsoft Services

For all those who love Microsoft tools, Office 365 gives an easy way to work on, share, and edit from wherever you are. If you are using Office 365 you can take the advantages of integration with the other tools, easily communicate and collaborate inside and outside your office, email and Online meeting, 99.9% uptime guarantee and so on. We help you integrate them into your business.

Hardware Procurement

There are thousands of different hardware, computer systems, servers, laptops, network devices, printers and peripherals with different brands, specifications. Trying to decide on hardware to outfit your business is complicated. We can navigate the complexities of hardware requirements. Sometimes it needs some upgrades instead of replacement. We save your money.

What is new in Sysvy?

IT Consulting and Supervising

Project Management

Have you planned to develop, integrate and run a major IT project in your business. A major one is not only installing a new tool. Our project managing service can understand your business requirement and arrange with all stakeholders to design, test, build and integrate a system that meets those information technology needs.

Solution Consulting

What should be your priority software or SaaS solutions if you are starting your business? It’s not only about the cost. The right choice of initial technology can save your time and money as your business grows. Replacing the software and migrating to new solutions in the future can always be costly and time consuming.

Deployment Supervision

Let’s imagine you need to negotiate with a 3rd party IT solution company to purchase and integrate a new service or product into your business. We can be your IT representative expert who can negotiate, supervise, maximize and enhance your business success and avoid future technical conflicts and problems.

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