7 IT Changes To Keep Your Business Open In COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 outbreak was a disgusting event and  has moved all our cheese, It mostly affected small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The bad news is that, according to world organization health and scientists, this pandemic is going to stay with us until the discovery of the vaccine. But did you ever think about your competitors’ secret practices to reactivate their business and renew their IT infrastructures?

We are considering your responsibilities about keeping your employees safe, It shows you are a good leader. But you have some other responsibilities too. Firstly you need to take care of the business you are managing. Secondly, you must prepare services or maybe sell goods to your customers. So it’s time to experience some changes.IT Infrastructure Changes in COVID19

Thanks to the best practices in the area of IT infrastructures that helped SMBs. So you can both save your business and experience tremendous development in your small business. In this article, you will get solutions to deal with the following issues that affected your business. We believe that it’s your turn to implement some strategies which will turn the crisis into opportunities.

  • How to replace old and troublesome out of date IT infrastructures?
  • Which SMBs can switch to remote working and how?

#1 Digitize Your Brick-and-Mortar Stores

brick-and-mortar stores are one of the main sectors which are damaged during coronavirus (Covid-19), no one knows how long this unwanted condition will last. But It’s crystal clear that people made changes to their buying methods

Digitize Your Business

  • Make the virtual shopping center for your business: COVID-19 has transformed online shopping from a nice-to-have to a must-have around the world. In most cities, people tend to purchase their needs online. We highly recommend turning to online shopping. In fact, people are trying to cut the spread of viruses by staying at home. The majority of people tend to support the idea of staying at home. Consequently, as a successful SMB, we must appear on the market by reaching customers at their house. Moreover, when switching to an online shopping center, it means that you are marketing in a huge community with lots of potential customers, which results in a tremendous sales number. 
  • Smartphone-based payments: cash is one of the major things, which accelerates the spread of viruses. People are informed to be careful when exchanging cash. Consider the time that the government allows you to open your store, barbershop, clinics, etc. Today a variety of contactless digital payment methods are available that end the need for touching cash, you can use these new technologies to respect health protocols.

#2 Teleworking / Remote Working 

Telecommuting saved many SMBs from closing. Every day we are hearing news about the success of SMBs, which changed their business models and the ways their employees work. 

Remote Working Covid19Today virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over internet protocols (VoIP), virtual meetings, cloud services, work collaboration tools made remote working more handy and successful, we also introduced the most effective remote working tools, in a comprehensive article. Most of these tools are free and it won’t increase your business expenses, in addition, It will increase the flexibility, productivity, competitiveness and creativity of your employees: To read this article click on 9 Free tools to handle technical IT challenges

  • Permanent effects of remote working: When you follow the procedures of telecommuting, It affects your business model and boroughs new opportunities for your business. For instance, in the future when you decide to increase your human resources, you are free and ready to employ remote workers, who are intelligent and you were unable to work because of geographical distances. Also, you can hire professionals and talented people from regions with cheaper labor costs. Plus Remote work can have some benefits for your business when considering labor law issues, those associated with providing a safe work environment and income tax issues and other remote work advantages.

#3 Distance Learning and Teaching are Experiencing a Revolution 

As manager of an educational institute, You may think of closing the institute temporarily. But think of teaching to learners who can not participate in classes because of social distancing issues. For example, the followings are some techniques you may wish to follow: 

Distance Learning

  • Online teaching infrastructures: Now every activity can be done remotely, even online teachings. Most of the important universities started to teach students remotely after the outbreak. They made the right decision because it is not clear when we will go back to the same life condition again. Tools like Adobe connect helped online courses possible and there are many other applications too. 
  • Webinars: As an institute, you have professional teachers and presenters in your team. Probably you have something important to teach to the public. Simply you can have some online events and present or teach sth that have many fans. Thanks to the payment and booking infrastructures you can manage all the participants easily and in an accurate way. 
  • Making educational contents: in the field, you are working, there are demands for your educational services. You can make great educational content. This renewal in your SMB will cause everlasting progress in your business. 
  • An opportunity to target more potential learners: If you decide to digitize the teaching activities you hit two birds with one stone, firstly it’s the possibility of running your business in the COVID-19 pandemic. Secondly, you can develop your business by offering services for a larger community.

#4 Online Ordering and Delivery

Order and Delivery

Some restaurants and food sectors are living tragic days. Sooner or later you will design your new business plan or you will improve your existing business model. 

We highly recommend you to do it now. It’s time to introduce the online version of your restaurant. Due to the outbreak restaurants are closed in most of the cities. Furthermore, your customers missed the delicious food in your restaurant.

  • Online food delivery: there are many IT infrastructure choices in the area of online food ordering and. Keep in mind that you are not new to this business, you are a brand in your city or at least in the small part of the city. When you transfer to digital platforms, they will reach you. Besides you can make features like an online reservation for the time that we would come back to the ordinary situation.   

#5 Online Booking for Service-Based SMBs

Online booking is not a new technology, but it’s the most useful IT infrastructure that played a significant role. By booking tools, customers can save on their time. Also, you have a clear understanding of your daily workflow. 

No gatherings in the workplace: Social distancing guidelines for the workplace announced by the government. As the manager of a business, you must set some regulations to prevent mass gatherings. Online booking infrastructure can reduce the number of visits to your office or salon because everyone knows what is their exact reserved time and This results in certainty and peace of mind. 

#6 Telehealth 

The health sector is confronted with many challenges during the pandemic, many of the people are suffering from different diseases minus Covid-19. They are afraid of being in the conditions that may be infected by a coronavirus. But thanks to the telehealth. 

It is a big step forward that, due to concern over mass coronavirus infections at hospitals and clinics, doctors are now allowed to see first-time patients online. Accordingly, Wearable personal IoT devices can track vital signs. Chatbots can make initial diagnoses based on symptoms identified by patients. 


#7 A Signal for the Travel Agencies

Small and medium-sized businesses that are active in the travel sectors are forced to close their business. Let us give you some signal. Imagine the days we would be announced with the good news of “Covid-19 defeated” or the vaccine invented. 

  • Are you prepared for the day that your business starts growing again? In the first phase the local travel grows sharply. E-commerce travel agencies need to react quickly and nimbly to maximize organic traffic and revenue

The majority of companies are preparing their business for the coming days. What’s your plans? Are you thinking of replacing old IT infrastructure with new cost-effective ones? What are your marketing plans for the regrowth of the travel sector? 

What all of this means to you?

face-to-face interactions are limited for an unestimated time. So we need to digitize our infrastructure and learn new techniques to reduce the spread of the coronavirus while helping our business to stay open

Applying new and effective  IT infrastructure to support a digitized world and stay current in the latest technology will be critical for any SMBs to remain competitive in a post-COVID-19 world. The changes will build a resilient society during this crisis.Businessman Thinking

What was your best move during Covid-19?

As CEO of a business, you may encounter different challenges. Please comment to us, what were your challenges in transferring to e-commerce, and what were your solutions? Also if you think we can help you during this outbreak, pick up the phone and contact us.