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Remote working is a kind of working style that has been done for many years. Besides, after the outbreak of COVID-19, it became one of the key solutions to the reactivation of businesses. This practice is not limited to location, but as a matter of fact, the pandemic has limited everyone to work from home. Therefore, there are several problems with remote working. By considering that you have a home office and you have other teammates that are working from home; In this article, we are going to help you to make most of the remote working. whether you are a simple remote worker or supervisor of a remote team, you will encounter the problems of remote working. Accordingly, this article will cover the following problems: 

  1. An ultimate guide to increase team unity using multiplayer games
  2. Maximizing your productivity
  3. Overcoming distractions during a workflow
  4. Staying motivated and plugged after work

An ultimate guide to increase team collaboration and communication

Sadly, remote working has several drawbacks. You may get tired of collaborating and trying to make the work condition you had before COVID-19. This is because humans, not all of them may be confronted with loneliness and unsupportive, meanwhile, this will affect your business too. 

Weak collaboration and communication are one of the biggest problems of remote working.

Teamwork is more needed than before. Customers changed their attitude, they may ask for services after working hours. So you need to be online on 7/24. You won’t satisfy your customers unless you gain a skilled team with a tremendous capacity in communication and collaboration to save and grow your competitiveness in the market. 

Unfortunately, there is not that ideal condition in most of the SMBs that transformed into remote working. Recently several pieces of research were conducted and demonstrated that playing multiplayer games can increase teamwork between employees. 

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As we said earlier, you need to increase communication and teamwork. We are introducing Video multiplayer games as a solution because they are not time fillers, absolutely they are not just for kids and teenagers.

Playing multiplayer games regularly or sometimes can be effective to accelerate the process of team collaboration.

For this reason, we suggest you the following best multiplayer games which help team building and collaboration during the lockdown: 

1- Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular game, almost every young person played this game once. This is a first-person shooter game with the capability that allows remote working groups to join on the play and enjoy the online multiplayer version on the call of duty. Call of duty improves visual attention and spatial-intelligence skills, also game builders believe that this game results in a better performance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But Its positive effect on teamwork is undeniable. Imagine the game situation that teammates are designing to attack for a purpose or their attempts to protect an important building. This is nothing less than a great team collaboration and responsibility. 

Note: you can play call of duty with your teammates 3 times a week for about 30 minutes every time.  

2- Asphalt 9: Legends

If you’re looking for games about auto racing, Asphalt 9 is one of the best games you can play now. You can build clubs in the game for the first time in the Asphalt series and allow you to compete with your friends. Asphalt has fantastic graphics, hundreds of cars and thrilling challenges. You can also build a club with your mates to play together in order to earn milestone rewards in the leaderboard. Download Asphalt 9: Legends for Android and iOS.

3- Forza

Who likes speed? Almost everyone likes speed. Forza offers you the chance of competing with cars. It’s not the speed that identifies the winner, it’s the accurate decisions you are making under pressure. 

4- Fortnite

A brand new game that is online and free, the game had as many as 78.3 million players in August of 2018, but still retains a healthy player base to this day. Fortnite doesn’t need an introduction; it’s a very popular game. Shortly, up to 100 players appear on an island to survive. It’s a highly competitive game. We think that this game can make great moments and you probably end the loneliness that comes being at home. 


The third decade that Worms is alive with new updates and capabilities. It’s a kind of semi strategic game that can be done in multiplayer mode. You need to plan, concentrate and attack the enemies. The victory in these battles relies on your decision making and speed. 


Finally, in the end, we want to introduce a spectacular game that needs teamwork. A bomb is going to explode, so you need your teammate to work together to diffuse an active explosive device. We believe that this game will help your team to manage their time and overcome their stress during the accomplishment. 

So there are many To do’s and don’ts in remote working with many challenges you may deal with during remote working. 

We understand that most of you are forced to work remotely due to the outbreak. But it doesn’t mean that remote working is bad. Today the majority of the intelligent people from different time zones, export mothers who are taking care of children, and most of the talented people who are not able to commute to the office, are big fans of telecommuting.

For instance, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey emailed employees on Tuesday telling them that they’d be allowed to work from home permanently, even after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown passes. 

When a big company like Twitter relies on telecommuting, it means that other companies will follow this practice too. This is really good news for some people who one to stay at home and make money. But there are many problems with remote working that can make you disappointed. What are the potential problems of remote working and how to respond to them?

If you are interested in new and cost-effective IT infrastructure and tools, we recommend you reading: Technical IT Challenges For SMB During COVID-19 and Free Tools To Handle Them

How to maximize your productivity?

The time you are spending on tasks closely is connected with your experience and the difficulty of the task. But most of the time when you are working remotely, performing tasks take a bit longer than its usual time. This issue has a deep negative effect in your life. If you don’t reach deadlines, you will struggle with yourself why the project did not finish? How remote teammates will think about me? Depression and anxiety come after. 

Solution: Before this unwanted condition takes your concentration in life, face the fact that you are just one person and you can perform just several tasks, not more. To have concentration you should only focus on one task. Doing multi-tasks probably distracts your focus on the main tasks, finally, you are going to lose productivity and it makes your entire day unpleasant. 


How to overcome distractions in remote working? 

One of the complaints about working from home is the distractions that arise from a home office. Kids, pets, Mobile phones, and unwanted guests make the bad worse. When you are at home It doesn’t mean that you are free, accordingly, you have many responsibilities in the company. 

There are many solutions to decrease the effect of distractions on the workflow, actually, we can not omit these distractions but understanding the origin of distraction can help us to find some creative ideas to control them in order to increase productivity. 

Kids: If your kids are distracting you, try to create some playing area; find the best work time for example work early in the morning or evening; take some help from neighbours and friends; find online games that reinforce learning and are fun; switch off with your partner; tell your kids what you need, they may not want to listen but can understand you; set daily school works and reward them and find what works best for you. 

Smartphones: due to the experience that common problematic time killers and distractors in the workflow are social media and it’s notifications, we mean applications like Twitter and Instagram; you should remember that you are not responsible to check every new tweet or Instagram notifications you receive. There are many solutions to prevent or reduce this habit. Daywise is an application that prevents showing the notifications during your scheduled time, in other words, you set the times that you are happy to receive notifications. Unfortunately, this is made for Android phones, we wish we could introduce an alternative for ios, but there is not something similar to this functionality. 

How to stay motivated during remote work?

Working from home office needs a great interior motivation. Whether we want or not, home is the place we are addicted to eating, resting, doing entertainment, etc. So in this new work condition, there is no supervisor and coworkers. Furthermore, the loneliness and distractions are the other reasons for the remote workers who are reporting about lack of motivation. 

Solutions: Think about the reasons you are temping or working for a company, you will find out your purpose. Having a purpose during work will guide and motivate you. On the other hand, think about the time you are going to finish your job. After the project is done you will have plenty of time to play with pets, do entertainments after work, Have a coffee with your partner, etc. 

And always keep in mind that, when you are not motivated you can’t perform as you wish. Productivity decreases and you must look at your computer’s screen until you finish your job. Honestly, no one likes unplugging after work. We also recommend you to set achievable targets for each day and routinely hit those targets.

What we discussed in this article:

Team-building takes time and energy. Communication and team collaboration are some of the significant needs of a successful remote team.

  • Firstly, We introduced several icebreaker multiplayer games to improve team working conditions. 
  • Secondly, some problems with remote working targets team members personally. We mentioned some of the remarkable problems of remote working then we shed light on some solutions with it.

Your turn

Sysvy likes to hear your challenges and your problems during Covid_19 and how you saved your job and your company if you are managing some SMB; Please tell us what your main problem was and how you solved it. Also if you have some problem with your remote team or the job you’re busy with please contact us or just simply comment in this post, we will reach you as soon as possible.